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The Rudolf is changing the way corporates are managing their sales channels

We help Mincon Group North America to understand better their clients and what is happening in their sales channels, by visualizing it all, in real time.

The Rudolf is changing the way corporates are managing their sales channels

The Rudolf, a Nordic Industries Development spin-off, is now a proven supplier of innovative sales channel management platform for Miracle-Ear Canada, the world biggest provider of hearing aid devices.

The Rudolf is changing the way corporates are managing their sales channels

The biggest premium, luxury and sports eyewear retailer in the world, with brands, such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Target Opticals, Sunglass hut….LUXOTTICA GROUP NORTH AMERICA is using The Rudolf sales channel management platform to optimize sales channel and operational efficiencies of their Point-of-Sales.

Nordic spinoff app THE RUDOLF enhances the collaboration and visualizes actions in your sales channels

Understand more about your markets and customers with less reporting. Empower your sales channels and sales people to maximize their effectiveness.
Whether you have a CRM or not, do you know what is happening in your B2B sales channels? Do you want to visualize in a split second what sales actions have been done, what was the outcome and what needs to be done next?
All this is possible with The Rudolf.

Now we can help you FULLY to integrate into USA markets

NORDIC’s new advisory services in USA help companies to FULLY integrate into USA markets.

What is your presence in US automotive industry?

We can help you to get “a piece of the action” of USA’s booming automotive market. USA is not only big automobile manufacturer, it is also a big automobile and component exporter. BMW, for example, uses USA as their manufacturing and supply base to South American markets.

Thank you for joining our events in ALIHANKINTA subcontracting fair in Tampere 27-29 of September 2016.

Nordic Industries Development North America llc hosted a seminar on “USA manufacturing industry. Now and the future?” and also presented a new Sales Management Tool at Alihankinta subcontracting fair. The Alihankinta fair is the biggest industry specific event in Scandinavia.

JOBS OHIO teamed up with Nordic Industries to increase exposure to Finland in HANNOVER MESSE

Jobs Ohio and Nordic Industries Development North America, as well as EACC (European American Chamber of Commerce located in Cincinnati) have teamed up to provide a real launch pad for Finnish advanced manufacturing companies in USA.

Middle East Industrial Sector Got Color and Protection with Tikkurila´s Functional Paints

Middle East is buzzing regardless the current low oil prices. Construction and industrial projects are everywhere and market is becoming more sophisticated. How does Tikkurila Oy paint the picture of Middle East opportunities for them?

Planning to go to market in the Middle East or to refocus of your sales channels?

Nordic Industries Development has completed assignments in the Middle East since 1997 and the first office was established in Dubai in 2004.

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