Nordic Industries Development Group provides sales channel management and development consulting services to industry leaders globally.
We combine operational consulting with the leading edge sales channel visualization platform – The Rudolf.

Our service path

From proper situation analysis to predictable outcomes.

How we operate?


Our role is to help sales management and provide them with most objective up-to-date information of opportunities and achievable outcomes.

We provide value-added and physical solutions to key internationalisation and sales channel related problems.

Based on an assessment of the client’s position in the target market and our field expertise, we build and execute the export strategy keeping in mind the final objective of our clients: sales increase.

To achieve this we have developed a product suite and methodologies which consist of 3 different stages of sales channel development and management.

Our products portfolio is based on an integrated business model approach which encompasses the entire value chain of sales channel development and management: in-depth market studies (358), sales channel analysis (Channel Diagnostics) and The Rudolf (a technology platform which brings visually together the strategic market information, customer in-sights and sales channel actions, in real-time.)

358 analysis gives the in-depth market understanding. Channel Diagnostics is NID’s development methodology and process to analyse factors affecting to sluggish sales and market development. The Rudolf is the ultimate sales channel efficiency visualization tool. It provides the client a full visibility of sales actions taken and their results in real-time.

What are the sales channel challenges?

Based on hundreds of client cases, out of 20 critical questions asked from CEOs and sales directors, 4 problems clearly stood out:
More than 80% of the companies were concerned about:

  • Lack of uniform performance and profitability of their sales channels in different markets
  • Lack of control over their sales channels and strategy, especially in the countries which are not priority markets
  • Lack of forward looking market specific intelligence to strategize properly the market importance regardless big data, which is not often available when using distributors or extended sales channels
  • Need for unbiased information of real market potential and achievable sales objectives

In order to make the change and redynamize our clients’ sales channels. We combine operational consulting with the leading edge Sales Channel management and visualization technology platform, The Rudolf.

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