Now we can help you FULLY to integrate into USA markets

NORDIC’s new advisory services in USA help companies to FULLY integrate into USA markets.

Due to increased demand of helping companies to “set the shop” and incorporate in USA. NORDIC INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT NORTH AMERICA has extended its’ service portfolio to “Corporate Governance” services for Small and Medium size companies venturing to USAAs the companies’ market in USA evolve and grow, their need for professional services increases as well.

With our service working together with selected local partners, we can now help you to incorporate your business, open bank accounts, sort out tax, accounting and legal issues and recruit the key people. While building up your sales or technical support operations, we run your administration in the background.

The real value for you is that we know the European and especially Finnish legal, tax, accounting procedures, so our “best practices” approach enables you to focus on essential: Sales. Consider us as your guide that leads you through the house, step by step, opening each door that needs to be opened and explaining you the issues and helping you to make the best decisions.

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