JOBS OHIO teamed up with Nordic Industries to increase exposure to Finland in HANNOVER MESSE

Jobs Ohio and Nordic Industries Development North America, as well as EACC (European American Chamber of Commerce located in Cincinnati) have teamed up to provide a real launch pad for Finnish advanced manufacturing companies in USA.

State of Ohio’s has a strong presence and leading role in American industrial revival. Driven by nearly $12 Billion in Annual Public & Private R&D spending and most robust advanced manufacturing ecosystem in USA, more than 16% of the employment comes from advanced manufacturing.

The state is the host for leading industrial companies ranging from manufacturing to healthcare; such as GE, Eaton, Lincoln Electric and Assurex Heath, just name few. The state is also the no.1 supplier of Boeing and Airbus, as well as, no. 2 automotive manufacturer and supplier state in the USA.

According to Andrew Lange, the director of FDI in Jobs Ohio “the Ohio industries are very similar to that of Finland and Germany. This industrial similarity enables us to help Finnish manufacturing companies to tap on the regional ecosystems easier, providing a base for Finnish companies looking to start and expand their business in USA.”

According to Ms. Anne Cappel, the executive Director or EACC, the fact that more than 25% foreign companies located in Ohio are from Germany and many of the leading German or Japanese advanced manufacturing companies, such as, Siemens, Forcam, Thyssen, Mazak have located their USA HQ and operations in the vicinity of Cincinnati, “is a clear indication of the strong industrial ecosystem build on advanced manufacturing in the region. It works, collaborates and many Finnish companies have already established themselves in the region with excellent record and business growth. This is the message we want to share with Finnish companies in Hannover Messe”.

According to Juha Seppänen, CEO of Nordic Industries Development North America, “In Europe the business is based on product and technology. Here it is about the effectiveness of the ecosystem and the network. It does not matter what you have, if you do not have right contacts and ecosystem around you to leverage on. There is so much going on, so it is very hard to get to talk to right people, if you do not have right support structure and connections to industry networks”

Hence, “our focus has been to develop the essential and necessary partnership with industry players and stakeholders to enable our clients to get piece of the action and their business moving in the USA”

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