We are an OPERATIONAL B2B SALES CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. Increasing CHANNEL EFFICIENCIES in a measurable and sustainable way, globally.



Nordic Industries Development is, originally, a Finnish business development consulting firm, operating globally. We are specialised in:

  • operational B2B sales channel development and management challenges
  • digitalization of the channel to enable better collaboration with partners
  • improving market information and customer insight gathering from the “field”
  • highly detailed market studies
  • visualizations of sales channel efficiencies, opportunities and problems
  • optoimizing channel efficiencies

Nordic Industries Development operates in North America, Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Our regional headquarters are located in USA and Finland.

What makes us different?

We are not yet another consulting company. Nordic has developed over the past 20 years, a radically different approach to market and sales channels development: ACTIONABLES and MEASURABILITY of actions.

This is also why we developed our unique Channel Management Software “The Rudolf”. Our clients needed to go deeper and further than CRMs and PRMs to understand what really happens inside the channels and to get those “insights” and market understanding from the channel and end users.

Our strength is in the operational knowledge of the sectors and of the regions’ business and cultures.

Our way of working

In each office, the assignment is handled by a multifaceted and dedicated team consisting of operational sector, IT and business development specialists.

Service path

At Nordic, we give priority to being active in the field and understanding that our clients will not meet their objectives on the account of recommendations or superficial desktop studies. Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our countries and sectors’ expertise which enables us to provide practical solutions for our clients in a number of markets.
Our clients deserve a committed and efficient sales channel development partner that sets targets with a view to implementing and obtaining results.


We believe that establishing a sales channel is a “job only half done”. Finding the partner who has the same development agenda and is really committed to push your product also during bad times, can be a challenge. Thus, accurate and fact driven information on market dynamics is essential to ensure a positive outcome.

After building up the backbone for operations and processes for collaborative operations, we enhance and guarantee the results by using innovative Smart Sales tool Platform, The Rudolf. This gives us possibility to monitor and measure the actions and their outcomes within the channel in real time. In addition, we can generate outstanding and accurate real time market information and customer insights, enabling improved customer engagement.

Unlike many other consulting firms, NID is operational in the field. We do not have “single approach” attitude. Instead, we believe that each client and each project must be fitted to the target market. This passion for developing our client’s business combined to international expertise, Innovative IT tools and pro-activity guarantee the success to our clients.

Nordic Industries Development looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights and adaptable strategies, giving our clients more efficient, sustainable solutions to control their sales channels.


Nordic Industries Development is a privately owned sales channels management company established in 1994 in Finland.

2014 marked the 20th year that Nordic Industries Development has been serving clients in internationalisation and sales channel management. Since 1994, we have relentlessly been renewing ourselves and improving our services to best meet our clients’ needs and to deliver something different. Today we are proud to be able to claim 70% repeat clients.

In 2017 The Rudolf is spun off and growing, having global brand names as customers, such as; Oilon Llc, Abloy Middle East, Mincon Inc, Luxottica Group, Miracle Ear Canada, Polarmatic Oy….

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