Hear it from the industry leaders

Nordic Industries Development is introducing “Hear it from the industry leaders” brief interview series with leading companies in their industry segments.

Polarmatic is expecting  great growth in North American markets

Mia Kauhanen, CEO of Polarmatic Oy,  a world leading developer of total solutions for concrete industry,  knows well the challenges of conquering the North American markets. The company offers heating, cooling, curing, control and information solutions to globally operating concrete manufacturing companies and plants and has a growing presence in USA and in Central Europe.

Polarmatic started their endeavours in North America from Canada in 2009, delivering their first products there in 2010. They expanded to the USA in 2012. The road to success was hard and time consuming. “We tried practically every operative sales model other than having our own company there, but the results were not satisfactory. Then we decided to establish our own company.” explains Mia Kauhanen.

Now, Polarmatic has great expectations for North America. ”We kicked off our own operations there in 2016 and this is the first year that we expect real results. Polarmatic is currently building the foundations for a huge growth leap expected in 2018 and 2019.” North America is the top growth continent in the concrete industry, an industry where high quality is increasingly a prerequisite. “That is Polarmatic’s core value proposal for our clients. We help them produce top quality concrete, yet, remembering cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects.”

Mia Kauhanen has also a clear vision on how to achieve the goals Polarmatic has set for North America. “The key difference compared to time when we didn´t yet have our own company in North America is that, we are present with our own name and organization now. Brand recognition has grown a lot since. We are also putting significantly more resources to new customer acquisition. Therefore, we have decided to invest in Nordic Industries Development´s different services to assist us with this.” It is a huge market and all additional support is needed, she adds.

Polarmatic was among the first to implement Sales Management App “The Rudolf” designed by Nordic Industries Development. The App will give the organization an easy, light and efficient situational awareness of their sales. The focus is to empower Polarmatic’s sales teams with a tool that supports their work and enable sthe management to have a precise overview of how sales are moving in each of their market in real time.

Polarmatic has now started The Rudolf implementation in the USA and is currently expanding it throughout their different markets. “Other than North America we are focusing on Central Europe and Scandinavia. We also see a lot of potential for investment in Russia and Eurasian region despite the difficulties currently present in those markets.” concludes Mia.

Mia Kauhanen, CEO of Polarmatic Oy, +358 500 454 535 , mia.kauhanen@polarmatic.fi

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